Banking4Tomorrow is a collection of blogs that Brett has been writing since 2009. It combines hard statistical data on the changes effecting the retail financial services space, along with analysis and observation around customer behavioral changes. The blog loosely follows Brett’s own journey in the space from his time in the trenches at HSBC, Standard Chartered, Citi and Amex through to the formation of Moven, a disruptive financial services start-up which has taken $12.5m in investment to-date.

Much of what appears on Banking4Tomorrow is Brett’s early thoughts that end up being fully developed in his best selling books. It’s sometimes off the cuff, raw and speculative, but generally always carries Brett’s signature research and futurist view of the future of banking. Whether it is the impact of customer behavior on the business of banking, whether it some breakthrough technology which promises to disrupt or circumvent entire segments of the current industry, or observations of core elements behind the potential success of the latest start0ups in the space, Brett loves to cut through the complex with simple logic and understanding. Some of his latest thoughts revolve around the emergence of digital crypto currencies like Bitcoin, why the disappearance of signatures and application forms is necessary, and why all those mobile wallets attempting to replicate your plastic on your phone might be missing the point. 

If you’d like Brett’s thoughts on a particular element of the future of financial services, ping him with your idea. Stranger things have happened…

Brett also writes on Huffington Post, Internet Evolution, FinExtra, Seeking Alpha, LinkedIn Pulse and Medium.