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When Brett is hired for an event, he delivers a fully interactive experience. He will definitely deliver the content on stage, but he will also interact with attendees, answering questions and fully immersing himself at the event.

Before each engagement, Brett collaborates with the client to make sure he covers objectives and that he meets expectations. His team will ensure that his appearance is congruent with his philosophies in the Fintech and Augmented Reality spaces, creating a frictionless seamless experience that enhances the success of the meeting.


In 2014, The White House Economic Council under President Obama invited Brett to the White House to advise on the changing nature of the economy and financial institutions due to technological disruption and innovation.


When Brett is hired for an event, he delivers a fully interactive experience. He will definitely deliver the content on stage, but he will also interact with attendees, answering questions and fully immersing himself at the event.

With technological advancement and the smartphone, we have entered the Augmented Age.  We have already begun the behavioral shifts and changes- self driving cars, VR, mobile and apps monitoring health and finance- that will continue to adjust as we come to be evermore interactive with machines.


  • I will explain how the Augmented Age can be encountered through four disruptive technologies -Artificial Intelligence, Experience Design, Health Tech and Smart Infrastructure.
  • Interactive technology- How does Experience Design change Health Tech? How will AI change our Infrastructure? And how will the Internet of Things interact with the internet of us.
  • What will AI and Robots really mean? Will robots take our jobs, and AI’s subsume us as inferior intelligences, or will this usher in a new age of abundance?
    This is a presentation on future history, and the story about how we will live in a world that will change more in the next 20 years than it has in the last 250 years.

We already know that banking is something you do and not somewhere you go.  But as we see the emphasis on web turn to mobile turn to voice turn to AI, we have run into a glut of confusing innovation with reiteration.

  • What are the First Principles of design and experience?
  • Are we reiterating old solutions without realizing that new tech may have eliminated the need and changed the landscape of the problems?
  • How do we shed legacy technology that isn’t serving us, and embrace technologies as they appear without wasting money on reiteration and avoiding clunky transition?
  • How do we keep First Principles at the core of serving customers and growing our business?

While it may not feel like it, in the last 200 years, technological innovation has vastly improved society, increasing general wealth, health, and bettering the human condition.  In 1800, 45% of infants died and 90% of people were illiterate, but today, infant mortality is 4.3% and 85% of the world can read. And by the year 2100, every single child will receive a formal education.  Technologies like AI, Gene-Editing, Solar Energy, Autonomous Transport, etc.will usher in a new abundance but also cause significant socio-economic shifts.

  • How can governments react to a time when technology promises to deliver the benefits of so-called socialism, at a fraction of the cost of the most capitalist, democratic governments today?
  • How do we plan for the automated future when we realize robots have taken over much of old economy labor?
  • How can we plan educations around the future of learning quickly, unlearning, and learning again?
  • How will society react when we can use technology to provide everyone with a basic income, healthcare, and education, for less than the cost of building a political movement to sell us the idea that universal care is a bad thing?


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Brett King is an Amazon best-selling author, a well-known industry commentator, a speaker, the host of the BREAKING BANK$ radio show on Voice America (an Internet talk-radio.

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Brett's Speaker Team Members

Jay Kemp
Communications Director
Tanja Markovic
Director of Operations
Rachel Morrissey
Executive Producer, BreakingBanks
"Brett, your remarks were just the spark we needed to ignite a great conversation about our own future.  I especially appreciated how you customized your remarks. But so few speakers and thinkers of your caliber take the time to personalize their "stump speech" to the audience in a meaningful way. You did just that, and it really made a difference."
Jennifer Tescher
President & CEO
I just wanted to feedback on how impactful Brett’s presentation was to the two-day session. He gave an incredibly well-crafted and engaging presentation that absolutely caught the attention of the entire room. It also sparked 30-40 minutes of questions and discussion, the themes from which are continuing to reverberate.
Peter Fletcher-Dobson
Digital Strategy Lead
"Just hired Brett for a conference at CLAB 2015 with Technisys. He was awesome, sharing his vision and knowledge with generosity, and doing it with passion and energy levels uncommon for financial services people. I never thought this industry would produce a rockstar...but he is!"
Miguel Santos

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