Brett King is a futurist, an Amazon bestselling author, an award-winning speaker, hosts a globally recognized radio show, is the Founder of the first mobile, neo-bank globally Moven, and in his spare time enjoys flying as an IFR pilot, scuba diving, motor racing, gaming and Sci-Fi. He advised the Obama administration on the Future of Banking, President Xi had his book on his bookshelf, and he has spoken on the future in 50 countries in just the last few years.



    World Class Leader in the Futurist arena and globally dominant in the field of Banking and Fintech. When Brett is hired for an event, he delivers a fully interactive, engaging experience, not to mention a measurable increase in ticket sales! He delivers awe-inspiring content on stage, but he is also very generous with his time meeting with attendees, answering questions, and fully immersing himself in any event he attends.


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    Here are what clients of Brett have had to say about his work


    Group Media Director

    Brett was an absolutely fantastic closing keynote for our 2018 Summit. It was such an engaging presentation, he is so natural on stage, very conversational, answered all the audience questions (who just loved him), was not rushed to leave – he really gave us his time and finished our event on a high. Feedback from our delegates has been excellent. We were so impressed and would highly recommend Brett. Cheers.

    Carolyn M. Ionita

    Senior Project Manager

    Brett did his usual outstanding job. He held the audience’s attention and made us all think about the future and our adaptability. He received many questions from the audience. He even stayed through lunch and signed books while chatting with attendees. All great! Thank you. You are the star!

    Priscilla Chan

    Speakers Connect Founder

    I have helped many clients engage Brett to speak at their conferences, and every time, Brett got excellent scores from the audience. We love working with Brett and his team at Provoke Management, for they are professional, prompt and easy to work with. The peace of mind we have working with Brett and his team is simply priceless!

    Paul Mwaura Ndichu


    “I met and interacted with Brett at a couple of our conferences facilitated by him. His thought leadership in disruptive banking, technology and ‘bank of the future’ are second to none. A highly strategic and proactive Leader!”

    James Hodges

    Enterprise Account Executive

    “Brett recently spoke for us at NetFinance 2014 in Miami. Our high level of attendees are not that easy to impress but given the huge round of applause after the presentation, the follow-up questions & the fact that out of 80 speakers Brett’s presentation had the highest rating, I would highly recommend him as a speaker at any other show.”


    First Principles is an engineering discipline and philosophy first proposed by Aristotle’s followers prior to the first century. In science and engineering, it prescribes starting from scratch when problem solving, not being influenced by previous thinking. Elon Musk, who famously used first principles design techniques at SpaceX and Tesla design characterized this technique as “…you boil things down to the most fundamental truths…and then reason up from there.” Most major disruptive technologies follow this development theme – the Automobile, the Internet, the iPhone, SpaceX. What does it mean for your industry and your future career prospects?




    Brett’s next project is his new book due out 2021 on the impact AI and technology will have on society. It’s more than a sequel to his bestselling book Augmented, it is an exploration of how governance, politics, economics and social cohesion will be impacted by technology automation, increased longevity and climate change.

    The systems of government and the economies of the world that emerged out of the industrial revolution, further shaped by two global wars, have fundamentally been about the scarcity of resources and the concept that to win, others must lose. The economic philosophies of those such as Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, Ayn Rand and Karl Marx formed belief sets that were adopted by politicians and economists over decades as doctrine that shaped our daily lives. Rather than evolve these models, we seem to have struck a period of ideological stagnation, and recent populist movements appear to be aimed at preventing us from moving forward, romanticizing the good ole days. At a time when technology seems ready to unleash its most disruptive potential, are such movements symptomatic of the fact that we stand on the cusp of some of the most significant changes in human society since the days of Plato? An era that turns political models, economic theories, education and policy on its head.

    Coming  Nov 2021  see more at


    In addition to publishing international bestsellers, Brett records a weekly podcast and often writes on LinkedIn and Medium to share his latest thoughts and musings.

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